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Hey people. I’m back after a long time. Sorry for not being active here.

Lately I’ve been thinking to add more colour to the stories I have to tell. So I thought I’ll tread an extra mile by incorporating pictures.

Here’s my latest story Puddles

Thanks for all the support. I really do appreciate it.

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Thanks for the support. You are the best.❤️

#126 Justice.

“The mechanic was cast to hell while the thief was let into heaven! I don’t understand God’s justice!”

– “The mechanic rejoiced in his client’s misery while the thief prayed the owner of the house be rich!”


#125 Note.

“Failure is a constituent of success, not the absence of it. This I knew, but not the people around me.”, read his suicide note.


#124 Everyday.

“Please don’t make me do anything today, Mom. I had a long day at work, have a searing headache and I had to walk back all the way home”.

-“Your today is my everyday. Take rest.”


#123 Coffee.

“Meet at Starbucks?”

-“Why don’t you come to my place, we’ll make coffee!”

She was unsure.. first date, online dating match, reasons were many but a rare and special offer.

She chose to go and never needed the app again.


#122 Positive.

He was very positive…a caring gentleman.

Whenever she offered her lips, he inched forward but never crossed the distance. One day, he disappeared into oblivion.

So positive he was, even HIV+!


#121 Leak.

“You may think utmost beauty is when it’s out there for everyone to relish. But beauty often lies in the mystery”.

– “Woah..too much philosophy, how many pegs down?”

“Not drunk..just saw the leaked nudes of my favourite model!”


#120 Words.

“Sorry, I don’t believe in love”, said the moody girl lost in her own world of words.

“I just wanted to share the pain that you hide behind your words” he replied.

A tiny tear escaped her eyes.


#119 Time.

All she wanted was his time.

All he gave her was his money.

But time is money. What could go wrong?


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