#20 Evolution

“How do you know that humans are still evolving?” the curious lil boy asked. “Because he still asks a lot of questions and yet makes plenty of mistakes!” said the teacher reassuringly. Posted from WordPress for Android

#19 School

“What makes you think school is better than college, it never gave you a job or a degree?” asked the sceptic but proud professor. “You manufacture engineers here but not their characters!” I retorted. Posted from WordPress for Android

#18 Mountain

That man inspired us to have faith that would move mountains. And yet we crucified the same man on a mountain! Posted from WordPress for Android

#17 Magic

A pioneering magician from the town, who excelled in conventional tricks and escapisms. Fame and brand multiplied with every successful show but never did he realise the expectations on him would multiply too! He was forced to try new breathtaking tricks, and he invited the spectators to a cliff where he promised a ‘first of…

#16 Dream

They broke up, though it was obvious they couldn’t let go! Then he got her call one morning out of the blue! He returned the call and they promised to forgive each others’ mistakes and started to live the dream, again. Then he woke up but never did he find her missed call!

#15 Miracle

He knew his project work wasn’t very good enough to get high grades but he hoped, just to pass… and prayed for a miracle. Surprisingly enough, the evaluation was over; even with the reviewers hardly questioning him! They gave him ‘commendable’ marks, when he realized that he was stripped off a deserved defeat and awarded…

#14 Shoes

“He’s the best” “He’s my hero” “Not perfect though” “Doesn’t understand me” “Doesn’t have any clue about anything” “I wonder how he managed the family all by himself” My feelings for him was never constant but his love towards me never took a dip. Dads are hard to understand until you’re in their shoes!

#13 Circle

He cajoled his friend to stop wasting time texting strangers and get rid of the social networks like he did a while back. The poor friend took his word and obeys him to this instant, not knowing that the ‘saint’ is onto the fourth girl since that day, pursuing the ugly circle of life!

#12 Ice cream

The chubby little girl came running as soon as she heard the bell ring. She pointed her tiny index finger to the glass shelf where chocolate cream was kept. He said,”That would be fifty rupees dear” as he handed her one. She gave him a coin with ’50’ embossed on it. Her innocent eyes revealed…

#11 Worth

She tried very hard to prove her love to him, almost like a stubborn dog! He never saw her innocence or rather pretended not to. She kept on trying; only to lose her worth!

#10 Besties

“I’ve been noticing you for a while, please get out now!”,the teacher roared as he silently walked out of the class. “I started talking first Ma’am” said his friend, he too walked out as the teacher gestured him to. “They were talking to me, Ma’am”,the third one walked out! “All three were talking about me,…

#9 Flower

“Have you thought over it enough? This whole idea seems too generous of you, you needn’t marry a girl who was brutally raped years ago”, his friends asked him. “They might have plucked the flowers; but healthy new fruits can be nurtured, only if someone offers soil of love and respect” he said.