#23 Love

She, along with her lover, killed her 4 year old daughter, her own blood, for love! For the love that kills!  A blotch on the face of motherhood but I wonder who counts her as a mother!

Silent prayers for the tiny bud and her grandmother who both lost their lives due to the hideous and ruthless murder:|.


#22 Birthday

He tore apart her womb and came into the world disregarding her pain and silent protest. His kins welcomed him warmly on his birthday, forgetting that a mother was born too!

#21 Teacher

All he cared for was money and more money,never bothered hurting nature with the excavation in his quarry. All he pleaded for was a drop of water when a monstrous landslide gulped down his fortune. All he realised with guilt was mother nature is the greatest teacher!

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