#50 The sea

She walked into the sea alone. Drowned his memories in it like he drowned her dignity in the sea of lust. Returned ashore rejuvenated.                             r37stories © 

#49 Confession 

And finally she confessed her love to him, and there ends his love!                           r37stories ©

#48 Simply me! 

They called me absent minded. I ignored them and plugged in my headphones. After half an hour I turned the music ON!!                               r37stories ©

#47 Agony

A moment of ignorance agonized her but strings of unanswered texts and unattended calls remain impeccable!                             r37stories ©

#46 Wallet 

‘His wallet was never wide enough to suffice my desires after all’ her innerself soothed her as she shamelessly pleased her new lover!                              r37stories ©

#45 God

“I’m God” he declared, “yes.. people only care when they need me!”                             r37stories ©