#65 Speechless. 

“Ever listened to Drake grandpa?” he asked, the old man was speechless. “Ever listened to sparrows chirping?” grandpa retorted. He took a deep breath and threw his headphones away!

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#64 Impulsive. 

“Your impulsive decisions have never fetched you any good and never will” implored his wife. He said “I married you anyways!” 

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#62 Message. 

Sure they did leave a message, but wasn’t it a mere formality? If my absence meant nothing,then so does my presence! 

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#61 Ridiculer 

But the ridiculer guy was always there for her while the ‘make me feel special’ people vanished time and again! 

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#60 Music match

“Listen to rap?” she asked. “Only Eminem” came his reply. The match was made in heaven!

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#59 Famous 

When she could breath, all she yearned for was to be famous. Now she’s famous and finds herself drowning in the sea of loneliness. 

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