#70 Failure. 

People called him impulsive. But he was too scared to think of failure! Indeed everybody claimed responsibility for his success.  

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#69 Trauma. 

“Did it hurt?” they asked. Her eyes did all the talking. After all, rape wasn’t as traumatising. 

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#68 Seeker. 

Played the Seeker all the while until he realised that his friends had moved on a long while back! 

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#67 Fan. 

“You an Arsenal fan?!”  

“Yes, one among the millions who get their hearts broken week in week out and yet idiotically hope for a comeback of the club they passionately follow”, I said in my mind and nodded yes in reply! 

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#66 Thirst. 

A thirsty crow was welcomed with a bowl of water but a thirsty snake? Crowbars and axes..! 

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