#101 Rock.

‘Frets over the flimsiest of reasons. Strongest during the tempest’.

Your dear mother.



#100 Success.

“I was wrong. Can we get back together?” she pleaded.

“Not being successful soon was maybe my mistake, but accepting me only after my success is definitely your mistake” he replied.

The line went dead.


#98 Shackles.

Heavy rains.. No power.. Phones dead.. The fear was real, though not explicit. The family sprang into life in an adversity. They realised the value of family life once they broke free from the suffocating shackles of electronics.


#97 30!

“Loved her with all I had. Ignored all her imperfections and forgave all wrongs. Yet here I’m.. betrayed and abandoned!” he sighed looking up.

“Thirty silver coins”, someone whispered from the cross.


#91 Voice.

“See..people think I sounded awesome!”, he almost shouted out to his son showing the default complimentary message on the karaoke app. Son smiled approvingly, he didn’t want to spoil the father’s moment. After all, enduring throat cancer deserved an appreciation of a lifetime!


#90 Lit.

So many friends, so many messages. Social media life was lit everyday. He wanted to check who truly missed him and skipped a week. Only his family checked on him!


#89 Study.

“Man..after all the straight A’s, how did you end up here?!” his school pals asked. He replied “I loved to study, but not once could I study what I loved!”


#88 Unconditional.

“We can’t raise a family, I won’t even be able to walk myself. Don’t do this to yourself” she pleaded. He replied “Only your limbs have paralysed, not my love”.


#86 Indeed.

As he realised it was just infatuation and not love, she realised it was not infatuation but love indeed!


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