#111 Mature.

“It’s been years. Why would you still have feelings lingering?” the common friend asked each of them.

“She made an immature boy, a man after all!” he said.

“He helped me rediscover the peppy little girl in me!” she said.

What went wrong?

They both matured.



#109. When?

-“So when did you fall in love with her exactly?”

-“Everyday for 3 years now!”


#107 Hot chat.

Pretty ladies, late night hot chats, no sorries,no goodbyes, no commitments.. all was fun until he realised he too had a sister!


#105 Teacher.

“Happy Teacher’s Day!”, the teacher rejoiced at the familiar voices at the other end on the phone.

She took pride in herself for not thwarting their discreet high school romance. After all, two families were happy.


#104 Soulmate.

“How do I trust you? Most of the men I’ve met need a woman just to breed!”, she reasoned.

“I’ll love you the same even when you bleed!”, he replied.


#102 Dad.

“Love your dad more than your mom? You see how she keeps the home well, balances the family and her official life gracefully and other sacrifices?”, he asked.

“Exactly..I see her plight and I can help her at times. But dad.. he never shows it!” the dad’s girl replied.


#101 Rock.

‘Frets over the flimsiest of reasons. Strongest during the tempest’.

Your dear mother.


#100 Success.

“I was wrong. Can we get back together?” she pleaded.

“Not being successful soon was maybe my mistake, but accepting me only after my success is definitely your mistake” he replied.

The line went dead.


#98 Shackles.

Heavy rains.. No power.. Phones dead.. The fear was real, though not explicit. The family sprang into life in an adversity. They realised the value of family life once they broke free from the suffocating shackles of electronics.


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