#89 Study.

“Man..after all the straight A’s, how did you end up here?!” his school pals asked. He replied “I loved to study, but not once could I study what I loved!”



#88 Unconditional.

“We can’t raise a family, I won’t even be able to walk myself. Don’t do this to yourself” she pleaded. He replied “Only your limbs have paralysed, not my love”.


#87 Craving.

Finally he sat down one day to polish his stones. Soon he realised they weren’t mere stones but diamonds craving to be polished!


#86 Indeed.

As he realised it was just infatuation and not love, she realised it was not infatuation but love indeed!


#85 Selfie.

Never cared about the crowd, place or time when she was with him. Never passed an opportunity to take selfies. Yes, she was madly in love..with the camera!


#84 Twice.

Fair lady, elegant wife, caring mother, generous to poor, nice to everyone..so nice that even Cancer visited her..Twice.


#83 Right.

She loved him in the morning, she loved him at night. She was never sure which of the two, for her, was right!


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