#63 Priorities.  

You have your priorities and I’ve mine. You heeded yours but I should’ve heeded mine!                            r37stories ©

#62 Message. 

Sure they did leave a message, but wasn’t it a mere formality? If my absence meant nothing,then so does my presence!                             r37stories ©

#61 Ridiculer 

But the ridiculer guy was always there for her while the ‘make me feel special’ people vanished time and again!                            r37stories ©

#60 Music match

“Listen to rap?” she asked. “Only Eminem” came his reply. The match was made in heaven!                            r37stories ©

#59 Famous 

When she could breath, all she yearned for was to be famous. Now she’s famous and finds herself drowning in the sea of loneliness.                            r37stories ©

#58 Surprise! 

“You’re in for a surprise if you crack the exam”,said the overtly generous uncle who never bothered to bring even a pack of chocolates in his childhood!                            r37stories ©

#57 Tattoo

‘Together through the ebbs and flows in your life’, exactly what nobody told him except the tattoo carved across his chest.                          r37stories ©

#56 Canvas. 

All the fans enjoyed the tragedy in his tales, no one knew the rigor to transcribe it into his canvas, let alone eking out of the ordeals he portrayed.                            r37stories ©

#55 Knot

He sent a piece of himself with every text for six years. She deleted his love in one swipe at the glimpse of a new love. The conversation ended in the knot of a rope!                               r37stories ©

#54 Sane

Sister busy with her soap operas, brother sold his soul to Pokémon Go and the only sane person me.. I’m in my 20s, still  dancing to ‘Barbie girl’!                              r37stories ©

#53 Tears

Tears of joy made way for the tears of despair when it was revealed that it was all a scam!                             r37stories © 

#52 Clown 

Once the Clown felt depressed and shared his sad story, nobody could bear him for even a while.True, compassion & empathy existed, but only in the Clown’s fun tales!                               r37stories ©