#29 Blind

She stood there watching the old monument get its glory and beauty tarnished by the ‘smog of industrialisation’. So helpless she was the only thing she could do was utter “the Taj Mahal is famous for its white marbles that imparts the wondrous charm” to her blind friend.


#28 Sunshine

There she was, beautiful both at heart and to the eyes who at once reminded him of his one and only crush. Numb he stood as he failed to distinguish if it was a new sunshine or just the hue of a faded sunset!

#27 Life

Mother always forbade him from entering the stairwell alone in his early childhood and thus he stands before the stairwells of life in despair!

#26 Him

He makes her cry when she smiles, makes her laugh when she’s sad, mocks her all the time but never leaves her side. Robs her chocolates but shares the best piece. He swears and calls her names and yet she calls him brother!

#25 Carbon copy

He was fair and plump but his sister was dark and lean, because of which people called her, his carbon copy. She was made to live inside the four walls while he always plied and played in the hot Sun, eventually becoming her carbon copy!

#24 World

Time has come to go out of your school and this campus, explore the world my children” the class teacher said to her kids on their last day of school. The lonely kid on the last bench scribbled on the bench ‘this is my world’ as a tiny drop of tear rolled down stealthily.

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