#101 Rock.

‘Frets over the flimsiest of reasons. Strongest during the tempest’.

Your dear mother.



#99 Touch.

“We should meet up sometime soon. Keep in touch always”

That was the last text ever!


#98 Shackles.

Heavy rains.. No power.. Phones dead.. The fear was real, though not explicit. The family sprang into life in an adversity. They realised the value of family life once they broke free from the suffocating shackles of electronics.


#97 30!

“Loved her with all I had. Ignored all her imperfections and forgave all wrongs. Yet here I’m.. betrayed and abandoned!” he sighed looking up.

“Thirty silver coins”, someone whispered from the cross.


#96 Interview.

Interviewer : Here’s your last question.. sadly, you haven’t been very convincing thus far! Ok… What are your weeknesses?

Me : I admit I have a few weeknesses but disclosing them isn’t one of them!



#95 Trains.

“Everybody’s doing great in life. Everyone’s train took off well, while I’m drowning in my insecurities and uncertainties!” I bemoaned.

“All in good time” God said. “Besides, it takes a tad long to build a ship!”


#94 High.

“Kids these days.. uncouth and always high. Look at them, one grabbing the phone screen for himself and the other with both the headsets to herself!” bickered the man to another beside him.

“One is deaf and the other is blind” described the dumb man in sign language to the grumpy old hat!


#93 Oldage.

Oldage is when you need to fart, you slip it out gently but then to your horror, you realise it’s not just fart but a lot more coming!


#92 One job.

The first thing in the morning and last thing at night for her. Cursed me even when I did my job perfectly. Now she got a phone and I long for a mere look, lamented the old alarm clock!


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