#80 Tinder.

He didn’t look like a model, didn’t own an Audi, didn’t have a pug either. Soon he realised Tinder was not for him!


#79 Losing.

“I’m losing all my friends lately”, he sighed with moist eyes. “Good! , they were just using you” said his mother.


#78 List. 

“Sorry I Forgot”, “Didn’t get time”, “Bit busy now” … 

Soon he realised he fell deep down in her list of priorities! 


#77 Battle. 

The girl was the talk of the town. He let his eyes do all the talking. The battle was won.


#76 City. 

New city, new challenges, new peer, new hues, new relations.. yet nothing stops me from missing the old me! 


#75 Diary. 

‘I don’t leave any love for tomorrow. I give it all to you today, because I know that the next day might be my last’, wrote the soldier in probably his last diary entry! 

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#15 Miracle

He knew his project work wasn’t very good enough to get high grades but he hoped, just to pass… and prayed for a miracle. Surprisingly enough, the evaluation was over; even with the reviewers hardly questioning him!
They gave him ‘commendable’ marks, when he realized that he was stripped off a deserved defeat and awarded an undeserved accomplishment!

#13 Circle

He cajoled his friend to stop wasting time texting strangers and get rid of the social networks like he did a while back. The poor friend took his word and obeys him to this instant, not knowing that the ‘saint’ is onto the fourth girl since that day, pursuing the ugly circle of life!

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