#94 High.

“Kids these days.. uncouth and always high. Look at them, one grabbing the phone screen for himself and the other with both the headsets to herself!” bickered the man to another beside him.

“One is deaf and the other is blind” described the dumb man in sign language to the grumpy old hat!



#93 Oldage.

Oldage is when you need to fart, you slip it out gently but then to your horror, you realise it’s not just fart but a lot more coming!


#88 Unconditional.

“We can’t raise a family, I won’t even be able to walk myself. Don’t do this to yourself” she pleaded. He replied “Only your limbs have paralysed, not my love”.


#86 Indeed.

As he realised it was just infatuation and not love, she realised it was not infatuation but love indeed!


#85 Selfie.

Never cared about the crowd, place or time when she was with him. Never passed an opportunity to take selfies. Yes, she was madly in love..with the camera!


#84 Twice.

Fair lady, elegant wife, caring mother, generous to poor, nice to everyone..so nice that even Cancer visited her..Twice.


#83 Right.

She loved him in the morning, she loved him at night. She was never sure which of the two, for her, was right!


#72 Ocean

Indeed a woman’s heart is an ocean of secrets. The one who sails through it is the victor. Her own victor!


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