84. Twice.

Fair lady, elegant wife, caring mother, generous to poor, kind to everyone..so kind that even Cancer visited her..Twice.



83. Right.

She loved him in the morning, she loved him at night. She was never sure which of the two, for her, was right!


#72 Ocean

Indeed a woman’s heart is an ocean of secrets. The one who sails through it is the victor. Her own victor!


#71 Fool! 

He couldn’t afford to take a chance and believed her. She couldn’t pass the chance by and shouted April fool’s

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#70 Failure. 

People called him impulsive. But he was too scared to think of failure! Indeed everybody claimed responsibility for his success.  

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#69 Trauma. 

“Did it hurt?” they asked. Her eyes did all the talking. After all, rape wasn’t as traumatising. 

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#68 Seeker. 

Played the Seeker all the while until he realised that his friends had moved on a long while back! 

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#67 Fan. 

“You an Arsenal fan?!”  

“Yes, one among the millions who get their hearts broken week in week out and yet idiotically hope for a comeback of the club they passionately follow”, I said in my mind and nodded yes in reply! 

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